Meet the Winners


Yeshahyah Yisrael

Yeshahyah Yisrael works to bring healthy food education and inclusive, accessible self-care workshops to young people in Sacramento and beyond through community poetry, music, and art events combined with hands-on workshops.

Yeshahyah works through multiple avenues to uplift his community. As a volunteer at Sol Collective, promotes social justice and empowerment of underserved communities through art, activism, music, and media. He regularly hosts field trips and healthy eating classes at Yisrael Family Farms to provide young people with an opportunity to reconnect with the soil as a means of healing. To push back against gentrification in Sacramento, Yeshahyah was integral in creating an outdoor weekly open mic space known as The Intersection, where residents connect and engage to build unity and understanding. In the past year, Yeshahyah has toured Northern California with his hip hop group Kare to promote and share new takes on cultural traditions of self-care, including herb bundling, urban farming, meditation, and yoga.

Countless community members in Sacramento have been impacted by Yeshahyah’s work with The Yisrael Family Farm, Sol Collective, The Intersection, Kare, and his personal art and performances. In addition to his full-time job and volunteer work with multiple organizations, Yeshahyah is enrolled in classes at Sacramento City College.