Meet the Winners

East Oakland

Xochtil Larios

Xochtil Larios is a youth leader dedicated to fixing the broken youth justice system. After her personal experience with the Alameda County Youth Justice System, she has learned to lead other young people and adults towards solutions for youth incarceration. Xochtil is a Youth Justice Program Associate at CURYJ and a full-time college student.

Xochtil is a Dream Beyond Bars Fellow, which is designed for formerly incarcerated young adults to receive training in research methodology and explore solutions that will effectively serve and uplift systems-impacted youth. Xochtil’s more recent research project has involved searching for community-based solutions that would serve as alternatives to incarceration. Additionally, she is an active volunteer at the juvenile hall and sits on the Juvenile Justice Commission of Alameda County.

In addition to dismantling the youth incarceration system, Xochtil is committed to fostering a community of trust and love among young people that have been negatively impacted by inequality.