Meet the Winners

East Salinas

Xitlaali Castellanos

Xitlaali Castellanos is an organizer and activist who has been working since she was in 8th grade to mobilize her community and ensure that their voices are heard. In East Salinas, Xitlaali has emobodied the idea that young people can and should be civically involved, even if they cannot yet vote.

Xitlaali has worked to create an engaged culture among young people and across her entire community. She pre-registered 500 high school students to vote before she herself could pre-register. She volunteered with the Rivas for Assembly campaign, talking to over a thousand community members and distributing signs throughout Salinas. She created a video to recruit others to vote and led workshops on how to canvas.

At a recent community event, Xitlaali shared a podium with council members, county supervisors, and Dolores Huerta as she introduced Robert Rivas to the crowd. She continues to work tirelessly on behalf of her community as she finishes her high school career.