Meet the Winners

Coachella Valley

Simon Moore

Simon Moore is a leader who works to bring mental health awareness to his community. He has worked directly with Coachella Valley High School and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) to reduce mental health stigma and deliver services to those who need them.

Simon has worked to organize multiple events over the last three years in partnership with his high school and HOSA. Each symposium convened speakers to validate the need to further local outreach to reduce stigma around those suffering with mental illness and encourage individuals and caregivers to seek help. As a result, media campaigns, news coverage, billboards, and commercials were created to encourage youth to seek help as an alternative to harming others or themselves.

Simon has worked to build a coalition of voices who support the need for mental awareness and has been recognized by local, county, state and U.S. representatives and organizations for his work so far. He is currently attending UCLA after graduating from Coachella Valley High School in 2018 and is a recipient of the Polaris Award for Leadership.