Meet the Winners

South LA

Nalleli Cobo

Nalleli Cobo is an environmental justice activist who has been using the power of her voice and the trauma of her lived experience to fight against a powerful polluter. Since the age of ten, Nalleli has advocated for the right to health and the right to clean air. She fights for environmental justice using community organizing, public testimony, policy advocacy, public speaking, social media, and toxic tours to amplify her message.

Nalleli is the first youth leader in the People Not Pozos campaign, a leading activist in Standing Together Against Neighborhood Drilling, L.A., and a member of the South Los Angeles Youth Coalition, which sued the City on civil rights grounds of disparate impacts. Her leadership was key to the success of the People Not Pozos campaign that pressured the AllenCo drill site to shut its doors in November 2013. Her leadership also inspired the STAND L.A. Coalition to work toward the promotion of an ordinance calling on the City of Los Angeles to enact a 2,500-foot human health and safety buffer around residential populations.

Nalleli’s work over the past eight years has aimed at changing public policy so that promotes community health over corporate profits. By educating her community, classmates, and public officials, she has made visible an extremely volatile and hazardous public health problem and has achieved numerous wins to better protect the health of her community.