Meet the Winners

Boyle Heights

Gabriella Claro

Gabriella Claro is a co-founder of an art collective committed to making space for young women artists to challenge the male-established hierarchy in the arts. It provides a safe space for young women to practice art without Euro-centric perspectives. She works with Self Help Graphics in Boyle Heights to facilitate workshops around young women’s health, anti-bullying, youth investment, and more.

In addition to working alongside multiple arts initiatives in Boyle Heights, Gabriella launched her own online business and inspired other young women around her to follow in her footsteps. The extra income generated has helped address threats of displacement and lack of employment opportunities and has provided another means to remain in school.

Gabriella’s art collective has been awarded $10,000 by The California Wellness Foundation to continue its work, and Gabriella has been independently commissioned to produce works for local organizations, events, and private collections all before reaching the age of 20. She is dedicated to dismantling patriarchy and machismo and is committed to working towards equitable resources for youth in Boyle Heights.