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What are the TCE Youth Awards?

The California Endowment (TCE) Youth Awards celebrate young leaders across the state who embody the qualities of the California Endowment through community engagement and social service. The TCE Youth Awards are committed to celebrating the long-standing efforts and achievements of youth and youth groups throughout California.

When were the 2018 TCE Youth Awards? When are the next TCE Youth Awards?

The 2018 Youth Awards took place on October 20, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA.

The next Youth Awards celebration will be held in Spring 2021. Check back next year for a more updated timeline.

When will the nomination window be opened next?

The next nomination window will be open mid-2020. Check back next year for a more updated timeline.

How can I learn more about the Youth Award winners?

To meet the 2018 Youth Awards Winners, please click here The next round of Youth Awards winners will be announced in late 2020 or early 2021. Check back next year for a more updated timeline..

How were the award categories determined?

Our four award categories were created to honor the achievements that young individuals and groups have made in the journey toward better health for their local communities and, in some cases, across the state:

  1. Community Champions Award
  2. Brandon Harrison Visionary Award
  3. Healthy Communities Award
  4. Healthy California Award

To honor young people working with the California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities (BHC) initiative, we awarded fourteen Community Champions Awards to young leader at each BHC site in California. To be inclusive of those not directly affiliated with this initiative, we also offered two additional Community Champions Award to young people working at large in California in the name of improved health.

For one other outstanding individual in California, we awarded the Brandon Harrison Visionary Award, named in honor of Brandon Harrison, a youth leader who, after escaping the grip of gang affiliation, became heavily involved in TCE’s Schools Not Prisons initiative. Brandon tragically lost his life in a shooting in 2017. Young leaders who have led their communities selflessly despite facing significant adversity were be considered for this award.

Our Healthy Communities and Healthy California awards honored youth-led organizations working to improve health outcomes at the local level as well as statewide.

How can a young person be nominated for the TCE Youth Awards?

Do you know a young person between the ages of 13 and 26 who is doing remarkable things for their community? If so, regardless of whether you are a proud mom, an impressed teacher, an enthused administrator – you name it – if you want to nominate someone, you can. The next nomination window will be open in 2020.

How can I stay up to date on the TCE Youth Awards?

You can:

  • Follow the TCE Youth Awards on Facebook and Instagram
  • Follow the California Endowment on Twitter and Facebook
  • Enter your email at the bottom of this page for updates and news
  • Check back on the website for updates on the timeline for the next Youth Awards

How can I get involved?

If you want to be involved with our work, the best way is to reach out to your local Building Healthy Communities site and help with their efforts in improving health outcomes in your community. To find a full list of Building Healthy Communities sites in California, click here..

Who organizes the TCE Youth Awards?

The TCE Youth Awards is produced by staff members and executives at the California Endowment, a small team at a communications firm called RALLY, and youth liaisons at the President’s Youth Council, who work to capture youth energy at every stage of the event’s planning. The TCE Youth Awards truly are for youth, by youth.

How are young people involved at the leadership level?

The production liaisons of the President’s Youth Council are involved in nearly every aspect of planning for the TCE Youth Awards. Their contributions include providing feedback on creative decisions, pitching ideas for activities at the event, and collaborating on what types of awards should be handed out.

If you’re interested in learning more about the President’s Youth Council, please contact An Nguyen at

For any further questions, comments, or concerns, please email