Meet the Winners


Danyeal Escobar

Danyeal Escobar has worked to address many injustices through her journalism and advocacy work at The kNOw, but her true passion has been highlighting the inequalities and discrimination that those experiencing homelessness in Fresno face. Given her lived experience with homelessness as a child, her greatest tool has always been using her voice to humanize an issue that many think about abstractly.

From leading workshops on how to effectively use social media to spread the stories of those in need to writing articles on Fresno’s unjust treatment of the homeless to spearheading events to raise money and collect donations for a local homeless shelter, Danyeal has never stopped fighting to make elected officials and Fresno at large see that the people they are dismissing deserve help and respect.

Danyeal has tirelessly used her voice to reach out to her fellow citizens and shine a light on unjust practices. Danyeal graduated from high school with academic honors and will be enrolled at Fresno City College as she continues to work at The kNOw.