Meet the Winners

Youth Environmental Health Internship

Comite Civico
Del Valle Inc.

Comite Civico Del Valle is a non-profit organization that empowers disadvantaged communities through education on civic engagement, advocacy, policy, and environmental justice. By informing and developing capacity of disadvantaged communities we can address some of the most critical needs often missed due to limitations in language, civic participation, cultural beliefs, and often lack understanding of public participation.

Through the Youth Environmental Health Internship (YEHI), Comite Civico Del Valle prepares high school students around the Imperial County to become the next leaders in environmental health. Interns gain knowledge in various fields including air quality, advocacy, environmental justice, and the policy making process. In addition, they learn about the IVAN Community Air Monitoring Project and inform and educate the community about how to sign up for alerts.

Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods (IVAN) is a community-based environmental reporting and monitoring system that connects community members with real people who can help solve local environmental problems. Prior to its development, Imperial Valley residents had no adequate reporting system to address and resolve local environmental concerns that should have been regulated by public environmental agencies. Eight years after its creation, IVAN continues to grow and develop strong relationships with underserved communities and environmental agencies throughout California. The program has since expanded to six other communities in California that face similar environmental injustice challenges.