Meet the Winners

South Kern

Chyna Patz

Chyna Patz is a leader in the fight for educational justice and LGBTQ justice in Kern County as demonstrated through her involvement in campaigns, her advocacy on campus, her support for other youth in the community, her civic engagement efforts, and her legislative advocacy.

Chyna works with her school’s Gay Straight Alliance, the Dolores Huerta Foundation’s Teens for Equality program, and South Kern Sol to advance equality in her school and her community. Chyna has facilitated workshops and youth-led programs to educate peers and adults in her community about the diversity of LGBTQ identities, homophobia, transphobia, and allyship. She has advocated for increased bias training at Kern High School for educators and administrators and helped ensure appropriate protections for transgender students.

As a youth reporter for South Kern Sol, Chyna has worked to change the narrative about LGBTQ youth in conservative Kern County and provide other LGBTQ a platform to share the struggles that they experience. Additionally, she has participated in civic engagement efforts to pass initiatives at the state and local level. Chyna fights for the inclusion and acceptance of all young people who are marginalized in her community and their ability to receive a quality education.