Celebrate Young Leaders who inspire their peers and communities.


Youth Awards nominations for outstanding young leaders come from peers, mentors, friends, classmates, & colleagues.

The inaugural 2018 Youth Awards celebrated young leaders who have inspired their peers and communities while embodying the values of the California Endowment. The awards were issued to young leaders whose actions changed public policies, created innovative models of service, strengthened local institutions, or otherwise contributed to the TCE's overall mission of Building Healthy Communities.


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The Criteria of Champions

The Youth Awards honor youth who...

Engage civically, volunteer locally, advocate for important causes, or encourage engagement among their peers.

Look at injustice as an opportunity to think creatively and act relentlessly.

Have shown up in their community as agents of change.

Have made a positive impact on their community at large.

Will continue to evolve as leaders in the years ahead.


TCE 2021 Youth Awards


The next Youth Awards celebration will be in Spring 2021.